We have 70 large units for families and single cats. Each unit has an upper shelf for a great view point; large cat tree to sleep in or climb, toys and blankets, the units are nice and large so our guests have a nice space to move around .The cats also have the opportunity to walk around 4,500 sq ft of area, enjoying the VIC (very important cat) lounge! More toys, cat trees and a sofa to feel at home. Our guests are fed Royal Canin dry food throughout the day and also a variety of wet food in the afternoon. Our experienced cat loving staff go that extra mile to ensure your cat is happy and well looked after. Our guests are groomed daily and professional grooming is also offered. A collection and delivery service is available throughout the Emirates.

We also accept small animal
Boarding, rabbits, hamsters, birds and more....

Collection / delivery fees:
Dubai 90aed
Abu Dhabi 200aed
RAK/Fujairah 250aed
UAQ 200aed
Sharja 90aed


  First Pet  Two Or more Pets
(20% Discount)
30 Days+ (20%
60 Days+ (20%
Cat 90 80 80 72 72 64
Rabits 30 24 27 22 24 19
Birds 40 32 36 29 32 26
Day Care (Any sizes / dogs/cats)
Half Day: 50 aed Pick Up & Delivery 50 aed 50 aed
Full Day: 75 aed Pick Up & Delivery 90 aed 50 aed
Pet Taxi: Vet/Grooming
*In House Pet: Pick Up & Delivery 50 aed 50 aed
*Outside Boarding Pick Up & Delivery 90 aed 90 aed
Delivery Charges:
Dubai, Sharja Pick Up & Delivery 90 aed 90 aed
Abu Dhabi Pick Up & Delivery 200 aed 200 aed

Contact Info

DIP 1. Warehouse no2 & 3 Street 37 Dubai

Opening Hours 9am – 5pm

Office: 050 273 0973